From excellence till success

If you are looking to make amazing money then this is your chance. With our minicab driver training, you can have a long lasting and secure career. We are also providing HGV training and LGV training just in case you are required to tow a horsebox or a trailer on long routes. We have collaborated with professional minicab services and we provide them with skilled drivers who are well trained to give you an exceptional driving experience. Our minicab training is for those who value speed, safety and quality.

Certified and trained staff

Our instructors have been in the business since decades and ensure that you are provided with friendly and perfect service when it comes to your minicab training. We have only hired the best of the trainers In the UK because we don’t want to risk your training and the future that you are counting on. We constantly keep on investing in our staff so you keep on getting impeccable service throughout. For instance our HGV training requires our instructors to stay updated with the industry standards.

Latest technology and vehicles

As you know most of the cab services use satellite technology so you can locate the cab nearest to you. We are working on the same methods; we want you to train with the technologies that you will be working with in the future. We train you on a modern minicab so you are familiar with it by the time you get in the profession itself. We want you to be prepared for your job like you have been doing it for years.

Your safety is our priority

Just like in HGV training we value your safety a lot in minicab training as well. Remember you will be responsible for yourself and the passengers that you carry around. It is important for us to provide you theoretical knowledge so you are well aware of the precautionary measures that you need to take while you are on the road. We give you the knowledge about road policies and customer service.

Funding for your minicab training

We are providing a 0% interest rate funding option for people who are looking to train to become a minicab driver. We have easy payment plans and have no interest included. You can instantly start off with a small deposit of £50.